Statement from Garland County and the City of Hot Springs Regarding the Use of Masks

August 3, 2020 – The City of Hot Springs Police Department and the Garland County Sheriff’s Department work hand-in-hand to protect and serve our citizens. Enforcement of the governor’s executive order and the Arkansas Department of Health’s public health directive on face coverings is no exception.

Face coverings are a proven tool to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, and we strongly encourage our citizens and visitors to wear them while in private businesses or in public spaces where appropriate social distancing may not be feasible.

The appropriate city or county law enforcement agencies will respond to a business owner’s complaint regarding patrons who are in noncompliance of the face mask order and refuse to comply or leave the facility. In these cases, if an educational approach is not effective, trespassing citations may have to be given if those not in compliance continue to be disruptive. While our deputies and officers continue to work diligently, they are not proactively seeking out violators. However, if they see someone placing another person in harm’s way, they have an obligation to act and will respond accordingly.

We will continue to do everything we can in our power to ensure the citizens and our visitors remain safe and that the directive is being adhered to for the long-term benefit of our communities.

Chief of Police Chris Chapmond
City Manager Bill Burrough
County Judge Darryl Mahoney
Sheriff Mike McCormick